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We carry all standard sizes and colors of Mexican pebbles, which include:

Red Pebbles   -  Tan/Buff Pebbles   -   Black Pebbles   -   Mixed Colored Pebbles   -   Grey/Gray Pebbles

Regular: ½ -1 in., 1-2 in., 2-3 in., and 3-5 in., black and mixed colors.     

Sizes of small pebbles are, pinole (sand, 2-4 mm for pool construction to color water) and Creba (in inches): 1/8-1/4, 1/4-1/2, and 3/8-5/8.  Any of these sizes can be used in pool deck tiles.

Piña Pebbles (Spanish “peen-ya” for pineapple):  8-12” and other large sizes on request, black and mixed colors. Premium:  ½ -1 in., 1-2 in., 2-3 in., and 3-5 in., red and light mixed (buff) colors

Pina Pebbles are the most widely used Mexican pebbles to put in water ponds.

Wholesale Mexican Pebbles For Sale - Bulk Orders

Minimum order 1 truck load = 15 pallets = 3,000 lbs each   / Total truck weight is 45,000 lbs which is 22.5 tons

Mexican Beach Pebbles

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Buff Colored Mexican Pebbles

Samples of Smooth Round Pebbles

     Pebble Coverage Information





Bags come in 2 sizes. (1) approximately 75 pounds, 40 per pallet; 40 pounds with 75 bags per pallet.

Coverage data is ESTIMATED, based on 75 the pound bag, & WILL vary depending upon application & desired appearance.

*Aggregate is Mexican Pebbles Mixed With Cement Product. These Sizes Are Stock Items;

Ask About PREMIUM ITEMS such as Red, Buff, Green, Rainbows, Pinas in Black & Gray and Others.

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Approximately 350 miles south of San Diego are colorful pristine beaches, essentially unexplored.  Their spectacular shores are covered with Mexican pebbles of every color in the rainbow, pebbles ranging in size from a small pearl to a large watermelon.  After harvest at the beach the pebbles are taken to the highway, and loaded on semi's.  The semi trucks deliver them to our yard in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico for bagging and palatalizing.  After we receive an order we send the pebbles across the border to our customs broker and yard in Tecate, CA, 91980.  The Mexican pebbles remain there for up to five days until picked up by US truckers for delivery to the destination.

This is a process evolving over millions of years creates a perpetual supply of pebbles.  The surf takes rough stones from the towering cliffs that line these beaches for miles, and the ever-constant churning waves yield remarkable pebbles, smooth in texture and unique in size and shape.

The hard working and proud people inhabitants of this are, the lobster fishermen who live on the beach and the families who live a few miles inland, live far from a main highway.  Their lot it is to farm the land for food and gather the pebbles to provide the cash for other essentials.  This handful of hearty peasants lives a truly primitive lifestyle without electricity, phones or running water.  They have few resources, but pride abounds.

The Mexican beach stones and pebbles are sorted mostly by hand, the smaller pebbles accurately sized with a primitive layering of rusty metal screens in wooden frames.  These people perform their craft just as their ancestors did.  All of the collection, sorting and initial bagging is done on the beach. Each person must place their mark on each bag, attesting to the size and color of the Mexican pebbles within—a rather rigorous accountability!

The sorted pebbles are carried up steep rocky cliffs on the backs of these proud craftsmen to road- from another era perfect for the bumpy drive to the village, and 18-mile drive takes two hours over dirt roads winding through an arid landscape.  The trucks strain over mountains and through riverbeds seasonally dry as if to accommodate their intrusion.

When the pebbles reach the village they are transferred to slightly newer and more road-worthy trucks, which travel to a roadside with paved access, and are again unloaded by hand.  When the conventional tractor- trailer rigs arrive, the pebbles are carefully transferred to pallets and placed aboard the truck.  From this remote staging area the trucks deliver their 50,000- plus pounds of pebbles to Ensenada, where permits are processed.  Then the load is delivered to our yard near the border in northern Baja for bagging.  This is a slow process, mostly equipment and manpower related.  After bagging, the Mexican pebbles are crossed to United States and in one of our U.S. yards, where they sit until a truck (assigned by either our affiliate or the customer’s freight handler) transports them to their final destination. A truck is ordered only after arriving at our U.S. yard because we never know how customs inspections in either of the two countries will delay the process, especially since 9/11 and its resultant increased border security.

We normally package in 3,000 lb maxi bags (super sacks), 3,000 lb baskets, 75 pound plastic or poly bags, 40 pound plastic or any bag type or size requested by the customer.  For instance, Lowe's uses 20 pound mesh bags and Home Depot uses 40 lb. plastic bags.  We supply these customers indirectly through their suppliers according to their bag preference.  In some instances the customer or their supplier deliver the bags to us and in other instances we purchase the bags and price the Mexican pebbles accordingly. We also fill customer supplied bags with their information printed on the bag or attached with labels supplied by the customer.  Please inquire as to various packaging options.

So when you receive Mexican beach pebble, they have traveled long and far.  They are, we believe, well worth the wait!