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Important Information From Your Mexican Beach Pebble Suppliers

Mexican Beach Pebbles

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Minimum order 1 truck load = 15 pallets = 3,000 lbs each   / Total truck weight is 45,000 lbs which is 22.5 tons

We Guarantee our Wholesale Mexican Pebbles and Rocks - Offering the Lowest Prices for Highest Quality!
Ask about Insta-Ship® - Our company delivers within days (compared to our competitors, whose deliveries can take weeks

R W Rogers & Associates, with, have the lowest prices in the industry for high quality pebbles because we don't offer terms or catalogues. We ship the highest volume of pebbles of anyone in the world  (over 200 truckloads per year).  We have yards and offices in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, where we carry about 50 to 100 loads at all times. Orders are bagged and palletized there and then sent just across the border to our facilities in Tecate, CA.  The loads are picked up at these facilities for truck delivery throughout the US.  We require payment prior to shipping because we have to pay cash at the beaches.

We offer references at your request.  Keep in mind that our prices may be a little higher but we offer references, we guarantee our products and when the smoke clears the lowest price is not always the least expensive...ESPECIALLY IN MEXICO!   We’ve been in business here for over 20 years.

                                      We Guarantee our Rocks and Mexican Beach Pebbles are Top Quality!

If you order special sizes or premium colors and we don't have them in stock, there may be an additional few days wait for them to arrive from the beach—generally about three or four days, but longer in some instances.   We can bring up to 2 pallets per day from the beach so very large orders for these premium beach pebbles can take some time.  Pricing of the Mexican beach pebbles varies with container type and number of loads ordered per year. 

We also offer clear and colored high-gloss resin-coated pebbles, 2 - 3 inch and smaller, which are available by special order only.  These pebbles are quite costly, depending on quantity and container preferences, but they are still very popular (most popular are the clear-coated and black).  The resin coating is non-toxic to aquatic environments and plants, and the pebbles are often used to give a dramatic effect in planters of all sizes.  Pebbles are very durable for both indoor and outdoor applications (except in high-traffic areas).    Note:  We can coat sizes larger than 2 inches, but please inquire as to the procedure and pricing.

We normally ship only full truckloads, 48,000 or 45,000 pounds, as anything less is usually prohibitive in terms of freight costs.  The shipping cost for less than full truckloads (LTL) is high. The beach pebbles are hand picked and do not come in traditional "bulk" containers, (end dumps etc.). Trucking is difficult, as you probably know.

We offer more important information on where and how we collect the Mexican Beach Pebbles,find out more here.