Bulk Driftwood, Landscape Rocks, Flagstone, Chicharon, Sonora Shine Rocks

Minimum order 1 truck load = 15 pallets = 3,000 lbs each   / Total truck weight is 45,000 lbs which is 22.5 tons


Our landscape materials can be used for residential or commercial landscape and hardscape projects. The fountain and landscape rocks can be as big as 72¨. Driftwood is good for flower beds and Flagstone is commonly used in walkways and patios. Both Driftwood and Flagstone can also be used for wall facings.

These landscape pebbles and rocks  are for medium to large-scale projects. The rocks can be laid into indoor/outdoor planters, flower beds, ponds, waterfalls, dry river beds, tree circles or any other landscape design projects you have. 

Other uses for these landscaping rocks are laying them in driveways, walls, patios, pools, decks, waterfalls, front yard designs, backyard spaces.

Mexican Beach Pebbles

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