*  Many people ask for "polished pebbles".  All Mexican beach pebbles are polished in the ocean, not by us or anyone else.  These pebbles look polished but are closer to a tumbled matt finish.  There are resin-coated pebbles available and they are glossy and come in clear coat or solid colors. If you are interested in these pebbles as for pricing as they are special order and are coated according to the buyers needs.  We have very little in stock.  Polished pebbles are also available, but are VERY expensive.

*  There is no such thing as a full load of “Jet Black" pebbles, from anyone except for a small window of about 2 months each year from a small beach.  Other than that if you are told that it exists, that person is not reputable and cannot deliver.  The black pebbles are a mix of dark colors including approximately 70% black, 15% charcoal gray with the balance mixed between dark green, dark brown and red, all dark colors in various shades.  They "look" black, but when you wet them, you see the real story.  There are very little light colors included in the mix, but because the pebbles are hand harvested there are errors, but it is rare to find light colors in the "black" pebbles.

* There is no such thing as “Bulk” Mexican Beach Pebbles.  The pebbles are hand harvested at the beach and delivered to our yard in 75-pound sugar sacks.  We put them in baskets or bags.  Only one bag is available that is close to “Bulk” and that is the 3 ,000-pound maxi bag (super sack).

* The pebbles also come in mixed colors that include light and dark pebbles.  There is also a light mixed that has almost no dark colors and it is referred to as "Buff.”  Red is also available and the colors range from red or burgundy to pink in color.

*  Not ALL pebbles are flat.  Depending on the beaches, the flatness varies.  Most flat pebbles come from San Quintin or El Rosario.  The 20 or so other beaches yield better colors, but tend to be more rounded in shape.  Also, there are beaches that yield low quality pebbles at a bit lower price.  I don’t use them and you won’t find these pebbles satisfactory even though the local “fly by night” suppliers will claim otherwise.

*  It is very difficult to send a representative sample of the pebbles. The reason for this is that every load includes about 3% - 5% undesirable pebbles.” Some are pitted, less flat, of another color, or broken. We have no control over this, as the pebbles are hand harvested just as they have been for the last 40 years. However, with a small sample, (less than 75 pounds), if we include just a "few" of the undesirable pebbles in a two or three-pound sample, it appears that the percentage is very high. If we don't include these pebbles, we are then guilty of hand picking your sample, thus not showing you exactly what you'll be getting. So we can't win and you don't see a representative sample either way.

*  With our pebbles of the highest quality available the general breakdown is approximately as follows:

Black and charcoal gray pebbles, most flat some round: 80% * Other dark colors: brown, green, and red: 15 % pitted, broken, incorrect sizing: 5%.

 The best way to get a representative sample without having to pay huge sums for freight is to buy a bag or two at Lowe’s, Home Depot or a local dealer. This will also give a better feel for coverage, which varies greatly between sizes.

*   The colors available in the pebble are black, mixed, light mixed (buff), and red, and none of the pebbles are all one color, as the black for instance contains black, charcoal, dark green, dark brown and dark red. These types of pebbles are commonly called ¨River Pebbles¨or ¨River Rocks, but they do not come from the rivers, they are found on the shores of the ocean.

Minimum order 1 truck load = 15 pallets = 3,000 lbs each   / Total truck weight is 45,000 lbs which is 22.5 tons

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