Mexican Beach Pebbles

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Resin-Coated Pebbles - Ocean Pebbles, Black Pebbles & Colored Polished Rocks

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Minimum order 1 truck load = 15 pallets = 3,000 lbs each   / Total truck weight is 45,000 lbs which is 22.5 tons


We offer clear and colored high-gloss resin-coated pebbles, 2 - 3 inch and smaller, which are available by special order only.  These pebbles are quite costly, depending on quantity and container preferences, but they are still very popular (most popular are the clear-coated and black).  

The resin coating is non-toxic to aquatic environments and plants, and the pebbles are often used to give a dramatic effect in planters of all sizes.  Pebbles are very durable for both indoor and outdoor applications (except in high-traffic areas). Note:  We can coat sizes larger than 2 inches, but please inquire as to the procedure and pricing.​​