Resin-Coated Pebbles​

Shiny & Smooth
Clear Resin
Black Resin Coating

Rock Landscape Design Ideas

​​​​​Landscape Rocks

Use pebbles & rocks in your landscape to reduce the drought!

Landscaping with pebbles and rocks will reduce your reliance on water during these years of drought. Using our Mexican beach pebbles can help you save money over the long run and reduce maintenance in your yard.

In the United States, there are many states that have moderate to extreme drought  conditions in 2015 including California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Oregon, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, South Dakota, Minnesota, New Hampshire and North Dakota. These water scarce states will vary depending on weather conditions and more states might experience drought in the near future.

Desert Landscape Rocks 

Sonora Shine

Mexican Beach Pebble Colors

Red  Pebbles
 Buff /Tan Pebbles
 Black  Pebbles
Mixed Colors of Pebbles

Mexico Pebbles From The Ocean

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 Swirled Garden Rock Designs


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Wholesale Mexican Beach Pebbles

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Desert Landscaping Saves Water

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Information, Myths & Truths About Mexican Beach Pebbles

​Find out the facts about the colors of pebbles, polished pebbles, resin-coated pebbles, what beaches in Mexico we harvest pebbles from, jet black / charcoal coloring, pebble sizing and shapes - broken, pitted, flat, round.  Find Out More Here 


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